Team Members

Jared Cannon Co-Owner Founder:

Jared has spent over two decades in the private security industry as a security agent in the fields of executive protection, dignitary protection, and celebrity protection. He has protected many luminaries and figures on the world stage. He has facilitated and coordinated events for companies of global stature. He co-founded Cannon Security with his brother in 2011 to take the many of years of training, experience, and skillsets he has and hone into the signature services Cannon Security has provided for over a decade. Jared is the architect of the Cannon Security’s training system and standard operating procedure, it is his blueprints that has taken Cannon to new heights and provided many clients with optimum safety and protection over the years. His leadership has mentored younger generations and helped prepare many young men and women as some of our country’s next protectors.

Michael Cannon Co-Owner Founder.

Executive Protection Agent, Owner, Celebrity Bodyguard, Actor, Author, Michael has spent four decades in the private security industry. Close protection specialist, detail leader, advance agent, facilitator, he has provided close protection, contingency plans, and risk assessments, for dignitaries, politicians, and presidents on the world stage. A decade ago, he co-founded Cannon Security with his brother to take the experiences, education, training, and skill sets that he developed to hone them into the signature services Cannon provides for its clients today. Serving domestically and abroad, Michael has provided optimum protection on many levels and is the proud architect of Cannon Security’s executive protection division. His leadership has taken Cannon Security to new heights.

Mike Weathers Operations Manager Los Angeles County:

Mike has devoted himself to the Cannon Security principle and system, proudly serving our company for over a decade. Simply put, Mike has played an instrumental part in Cannon’s success, he has managed, overseen, trained, facilitated, and coordinated our Los Angeles County uniformed and events division, our “boots on the ground” in one of the most populous counties in the United States. Event specialist, executive protection agent, operations manager, Mike oversees the day-to-day operations of one of Cannon Security’s largest divisions. He is an instrumental part of Cannon’s success, having an impeccable resume and skill set, all by the age of 30.

Dan Earles Operations Manager Warehouse/Uniformed Division:

Having proudly served his country as a US Marine, Dan has brought a wealth of life experience, professional experience, and an unmatched skill set that has lent itself to Cannon Security’s success in its warehouse and uniformed division. Dan has several decades of management experience in the logistics, transportation, warehouse, and private security industry, his experience and military background has served him well in assisting Cannon Security with the day-to-day management of its uniformed and warehouse security work force. He has managed, coordinated, and facilitated multiple large scale events for the company where security personnel is needed. DJ is the anchor for Cannon Security uniformed operations and his efforts have been pivotal to the company’s overall success.