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VIP Protection

We offer 24/7 close protection for HNW public figures and their families at home or abroad; we leverage agents with special backgrounds, law enforcement, and military training. We collaborate and coordinate with high-profile clients, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and business executives. Each VIP requires specialized management, and the duties and responsibilities of our VIP protection personnel vary according to the individual or group’s needs, whatever the plan, we get the job done!

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance can protect you, your family, business, and employees from those who wish to steal trade secrets, financial records, or confidential information.  When using Cannon Security counter-surveillance services, be rest assured, we got your six!


HOA Security

Community leaders continue to prioritize the protection of homeowners associations. While security and safety are not typically the primary responsibility of an HOA, the association does take steps to ensure residents feel safe but sometimes those steps may not be enough.  With Cannon Security, you will get 24/7 physical security, observe and report, access control, emergency response, patrolling, activity and incident reporting, and first responder communication

Workplace Violence Prevention

Our operatives blend in with company culture to deter and prevent disgruntled or hostile persons from inflicting physical harm, injury, or fatality at the workplace.  Cannon Security provides highly trained and skilled security personnel for various corporate clients to ensure that workplace violence is neutralized promptly.

Corporate Security

A multitude of workplace crimes, such as thefts, vandalism, and assaults, can be prevented by corporate security. Businesses of all size are susceptible to crimes that may endanger their employees as well as their reputation. We offer physical security for the corporate environment to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the business.

Active Shooter Training

We offer valuable, complete, comprehensive, and demonstrative programs and systems for large and small companies to handle an active shooter on-site event. When violence occurs, every second counts, and it is not always possible to wait for first responders to arrive. Cannon Security provides a comprehensive active shooter training course that teaches you emergency techniques, crisis management, and procedures to preserve life and protect your greatest assets, your employees.


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