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Cannon Security is one of the top managed security service providers with 35 years of expertise in professional security solutions. Our security team comprises the best personal protection officers who hail from reputed backgrounds like military, special operations.


We are an accredited company of qualified, skilled, armed, and unarmed security professionals who work with an innovative approach focusing on clients’ needs and interests.


We plan your personal protection strategy that matches your preferences, budget, and the degree of protection you need. We provide armed security guard services incorporating innovative technologies in the protection of life and property to bring safety and peace of mind to our clients, their families, and their communities.


We recruit and retain the most qualified security personnel in the industry who go through meticulous training to act swiftly when needed and implement highly-advanced information systems and security tools to safeguard your surroundings.


Being a leader in the security guard service USA industry for years, we have gained vast experience and unmatched skills in personal and professional security solutions which sets us ahead of the competitors.


Our operational model works on a holistic approach keeping your safety, comfort, and convenience in mind.

Fast Guard Service

Our security team consist of: former military, special operations, and law enforcement officers who are available anywhere in the US and can be deployed to you anytime.

If you are a VIP or a public figure, looking for a safe environment around you, our personal protection officers can ensure your safety and protection. The number and severity of high-risk environments that expose public figures has escalated considerably in recent times.

Our team carefully studies and analyzes incidents and events to develop a better sense of understanding and strategy to protect keep you out of harm’s way.

Utilizing this data and observation, we train our personal security guards to assess and calculate the degree of threat and then act decisively.

All of our personal protection officers, armed security guards, and field agents are fully vetted, licensed, and trained to assess the possible threats around you and to offer you optimal protection.

Personal Security Guards

The Cannon Security team is comprised of highly qualified and well-trained security professionals. We provide armed and unarmed agents, uniformed security guards who are licensed and come from highly professional backgrounds.

Beyond these skills, personal security guards understand the pulse of the moment.  Employing conflict resolution first, the use of force is only an option when all other options have failed. But should the threat arise, our personal protection officers are trained to handle by all means necessary to ensure your safety.

Implementing strategic planning we provide a 360-degree security solution to safeguard you, your family, and your property. We work closely with our clients to evaluate threat levels and potential risks to eliminate them before they pose substantial danger.

From a single uniformed security officer to a team of security agents, we provide a variety of tier levels depending upon your personal preferences, budget, and the degree of protection you need.

We can also provide temporary security guards to safeguard any premises throughout the US to guarantee you with protection on short notice.

Security Guard Service

Cannon Security provides both armed and unarmed security officers according to the level of protection you need. We carefully assess your environment and threats then recommend the type of service you might need according to your budget and potential risks.

Our highly reputable security services stands in the array of the top managed security services in the US. Our experienced, well-trained, and qualified security agents will provide you with optimal security mitigating all possible threats.

Cannon Security provides the most comprehensive, personalized, and client-specific security service you will find. We will provide client-specific training. This means the personal protection officers assigned to you will have a full comprehension and expectation of your preferences, threats, and possible circumstances. It’s simply the

Our personal security guards are well-behaved and know how to handle unpleasant occurrences swiftly. The level of professionalism and the ability to deal with hostile conflicts calmly sets our security team apart in the private security industry.

Armed Security Guard Services

Cannon Security provides highly qualified and well-trained armed guards to safeguard its clients by countering potential threats before they happen. Our personal protection officers come from highly respected backgrounds: military, special operations, law enforcement and are licensed to carry a weapon and our weapons proficient.

Our security team is trained to assess, evaluate and mitigate all potential risks. After they are thoroughly vetted, our new team members are then trained to make them a formidable presence.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, our armed security guards are also psychologically trained to act decisively in the heat of the moment, ensuring threats are mitigated without violence.

Our security professionals believe in conflict resolution, but they are trained to act without hesitation before an unexpected occurrence turns into a potentially dangerous situation.

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