Private Security Consultants & Bodyguards

For robust risk mitigation, hiring private security consultants & bodyguards is essentially the best option. Cannon Security ranks at the top of the list of certified security service providers. Our integrated approach and time-tested practices besides yearly real-world experience provide the customers with robust security solutions.

Domestically and abroad, our bodyguards in the field provide cohesive protection for threat mitigation. We assess threats and formulate optimal plans after determining all conditions. The decision you make today of hiring the right private security consultants & bodyguards affects your future security and ability to mount a formidable defense. Our comprehensive plans will protect your employees, business, assets, facilities, and most importantly, you in the best possible way so that you can feel more confident than ever before.

With decades of experience, we provide security services to corporations and private clients associated with any business or industry. Our system and signature services will provide for overall protection & security.

We will tailor a strategy and customized security plan in all areas by assessing your security needs, vulnerabilities, habits, risks at home or work. Your safety is our prime responsibility and our customized security plan for you will keep you safe from threats and potential risks.

Hiring Cannon Security will add an extra protective layer for you and save you from every loss!

VIP and Celebrity Bodyguard Services

Cannon Security’s VIP and Celebrity bodyguard services provide the utmost support and many benefits. Besides getting defended from any physical harm, our trained and best bodyguards in the USA handle every possible attack to save you effectively.


They have the knack to deal with all sorts of situations and to keep on checking the immediate surroundings for building a protective shield. The best bodyguard is mindful of the behavior and body language of every other person. It’s essential to be alert for every potential danger and safely bring you out from ghastly situations by discovering the safest routes right away.


Having all the potentials and supreme qualities, our bodyguards provide the top-rated VIP and celebrity bodyguard services for our customers. We visit the place ahead of time to discern the very situation and check out the whole area to safely escort the client from there!

Cost to Hire a Bodyguard USA

Personal protection is the need of the hour and here the most common query that baffles people is that what will be the cost to hire bodyguard, USA? Well, without beating about the bush, we want to make it clear to you that a wide plethora of aspects make an impact on the cost to hire bodyguard, USA. 


Whether you need family security, personal security, residential security, travel security, and even special event security or services to fulfill any security needs, the cost will differ as per the category you choose.


Moreover, the duration, number of bodyguards required, location, type of equipment, travel requirements, the scope of risk, extra skills, and many other factors also leave a deep impact on the cost to hire bodyguard, USA. Cannon Security doesn’t let you drop down the pockets and provides assured high-quality services of the best bodyguards in USA. The cost factor majorly depends upon the dangers associated with you as the bodyguards have to manage all risks and keep you away from every potential loss!

Personal bodyguard protection USA

To stand in the line of fire and protect you from every upcoming risk, contacting a personal bodyguard protection company, USA is quintessential. For your overall protection, the bodyguards in USA keep an eye on all routes, places, persons, and situations. Their knack in detecting vulnerabilities at your home, office, in transportation, or around anywhere you go.  


We ensure to provide you professional personal bodyguard protection, USA, and keep you safe from every situation. We keep on advising you for instant safety from every dangerous situation as our professional guards help you put up with every odd.


Our best-in-class escort services ensure the sheer protection of your family members from extortion, kidnapping, stalking, attacking, and many other risks associated with your life. We have yearly experience in this regard!

Bodyguards & Executive Protection

Your search for top-rated bodyguards & executive protection ends here! Cannon Security has solid experience in providing escorting and protection services. Our attentive approach offers the most specialized layer of protection.


Our elite service in terms of bodyguards & executive protection provides you the real-world experience of ensuring your round-the-clock security. Our high-quality service subsumes investigation, training, security, and consultancy services to build a comprehensive security program around you.


We work in the best interest!

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