Is America seeing a surge in crime? Stay alert, stay safe!

Surge in Crime

Stay alert!

The nationwide crime wave ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic, shows no signs of abating.

The wake of the pandemic and the period of uncertainty and assesment that followed, forced schools to shut down, unemployment and inflation were at an all-time high, leaving young people on their own.

Further motivated by unemployment, sick and dying victims of the COVID-19 pamdemic, anti-police environments, and the police defunding movement, this period of destabilization spurred a rise in crimes.

Inflation and unemployment are major motivators of stress-induced crimes.

From stolen delivery packages to hotels being vandalized and homes burglarized, the threat is real and it could get much worse.

A study done by the United Nations Global Pulse Initiative, states that a pandemic-induced recession has propelled around 115 million people globally into extreme poverty and unemployment, and draws a correlation between inflation and rising crime rate.

The emotional trauma, unemployment, and financial instability caused by the pandemic had a very adverse effect on the communities that were already struggling with poverty.

In such communities that are already living below the poverty line, economic instability and inflation are some of the leading causes of stress-induced crimes.

Country-wide quarantine restrictions forced millions of people to spend more time online and their exposure to misinformation, conspiracy theories, harmful racial and hate content increased exponentially.

The number of homicides, domestic violence, and other violent crimes are on a rise in 30 major US cities since the first quarter of 2020.

According to the new statistics released by the FBI, the rate of violent crimes and murders has risen by 30% in 2020, which is the sharpest rise in the last six decades.

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Protecting yourself against personal crimes or violent situations: Stay alert, stay safe!

Personal crimes occurring at the hands of strangers, or familiar faces, can affect a person both physically and emotionally.

While it is not always possible to prevent a crime from happening, there are many ways that people can better protect themselves:

✓ Avoid pulling out large amounts of cash from your purse or wallets in public view. Wearing flashy jewelry, carrying a lot of cash in public can make you an easy target for criminals.

✓ Try to stay in well-lit areas while on a walk or a shopping, if you feel something suspicious, immediately find a public place where people are present.

✓ In case of a robbery, remain calm and avoid being confrontational if the subject is armed. Throw your cash and other belongings away to distract the subject and run in the opposite direction. Remember, things can always be replaced, not your life.

✓ Always be aware of your surroundings and walk with a sense of purpose, distracted people are the easiest targets for criminals.

✓ Never accept a drink or food from strangers at a party.

✓ If you are dating someone, its better to do it in a public place.

✓ In case of physical assaults, shield yourself against the attacker and yell as loud as you can. Once the assault has transpired, run to a safe place and call for police and medical assistance.

If you are already threatened by an acquaintance or a stranger and worried about your personal safety the safety of your family, you can always rely on Cannon Security for a better threat assessment.

We can provide you with highly trained field agents to escort you locally, on a vacation trip, and every kind of environment.

Stay alert, stay safe!